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PROMEXS is a specialist national merchandising and promotions business that services a range of FMCG brands in Zambia.

Founded in 2006, Promexs has 13 years’ experience championing brands in-store and has a strong reputation for delivering and being responsive while building quality relationships in retail.

PROMEXS is committed to challenging ourselves to continue to innovate as the retail landscape evolves and grows in Zambia. We pride ourselves on being client-centric and are committed to ensuring we offer our clients an outstanding service for the best value in the industry in Zambia.

Current clients include: National Milling, National Brands, Pepsi, Creambell, Clover, Lancewood, Cadbury, Colgate, Kazuma and Namib Mills. Our Management and Supervisory team follow a hands on approach with direct access to Merchandisers, Store Buyers and Store Managers.

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How a product stands out on the store shelf often determines its fate in the marketplace. Professional merchandising is a key factor in ensuring that your product is available on the shelves, is displayed correctly and is supported by your POS materials.
Price Audits
PROMEXS has approval from the major retailers to conduct regular price audits in their stores. Audits are conducted by trained and experienced staff members, under management supervision. All audits are conducted with full consent of store managers.
ROS and SOS Audits
PROMEXS has the capability to conduct rate of sale and share of shelf audits across all retailers in Zambia Data is collected electronically and strict verification processes are followed to ensure accuracy.
In-Store Promotions
In-store promotions develop brand awareness, assist in consumer education and increase sales. Our in-store promotions are planned with a specific focus and venues are selected based on the target market for each product. PROMEXS offers flexibility in terms of the length and timing of a promotion.
Point Of Sale Procurement and Placement
Point of sale materials are an effective means to draw attention to your products at the purchasing point. Design and supply of POS materials can be achieved using local suppliers. POS materials include wobblers, header boards, category banners, posters and shelf strips.
Market Seeding
PROMEXS has a dedicated team of foot soldiers servicing the informal trade through direct selling. Selected products are targeted for direct selling on specific days to ensure that our Clients’ brands stand out and are not lost among other brands.
Leaflet & Sample Distribution
Leaflet and sample distribution is a direct communications tool that places your advertising message or product into the hands of potential clients.
Retail Campaign Development & Management
From concept development to final distribution of prizes, PROMEXS has vast experience in the design, implementation and management of annual retail campaigns.
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